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Battle of the Forms Explained (Using a Few Short Words)

A tremendous amount of business is conducted via purchase orders without signed contracts. Overall, this is good for commerce because business doesn’t have to screech to a halt every time a company needs to buy something, to give the lawyers time to work out the legal terms. But if there’s no signed contract, how do […] Read More

From the Interwebs: Dine & Dash, Grammar, and Privacy

Here are a few pieces from the Interwebs I found interesting. Maybe you will also.... Dine and Dash 101. There are two kinds of truffles. My favorite is made of chocolate and is a reasonably priced treat. The other is for those with a more talented palate and deeper pockets that I have. Truffle hunting […] Read More

The Law of Stuff Isn’t the Same As the Law of Services

You sign two identical contracts with two different suppliers, one to buy stuff and the other to buy services. If both of your suppliers default in the exact same way, your rights will be the same under each contract, right? Probably not, because the law that applies to the sale of goods is not the […] Read More

Postette: Is Software Governed by the UCC?

Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code governs the sale of goods. Whether software is a good is a thorny question, and a lot of variables affect the answer. In this excellent Law Technology News post, Richard Raysman and Peter Brown, of Holland & Knight and Baker & Hostetler respectively, summarize the issues and eloquently […] Read More