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From the Interwebs: Dine & Dash, Grammar, and Privacy

Here are a few pieces from the Interwebs I found interesting. Maybe you will also…. Dine and Dash 101. There are two kinds of truffles. My favorite is made of chocolate and is a reasonably priced treat. The other is for those with a more talented palate and deeper pockets that I have. Truffle hunting […] Read More

From the Interwebs: Creative Commons TOS, No Love for the Facebook, Geeky Grammar Humor

Just Click No. I’ve written a decent amount about the adhesive nature of website terms of service and how it’s unseemly for contract law to pretend that people read and agree to them. Well, not everyone has to grin and bear it. If you have as much clout as the government, you might be able […] Read More