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Are Lawyers Like Gardeners Who Mow with Scissors?

Law firm business models are under a lot of pressure. And this has been true for quite some time. When I was a young lawyer at a regional corporate firm, I would go to the office early in the morning, leave in the evening, and bill almost every minute in between. And clients would pay […] Read More

The Billable Hour Is Bad For Your Soul

The billable hour is bad for your law business. It’s also bad for your career, it’s bad for your clients, and, yes, it’s bad for your soul. From the traditional law firm perspective, billable hours are what they sell. Sure firms advertise the skill and pedigrees of their lawyers, the depth and breadth of their […] Read More

theContractsGuy Goes Off-Message and Off-Blog

theContractsGuy is a new blog and I’m still finding my voice. So far I’ve pretty much kept to the topic of contracts and the process of contracting. But those who follow my Twitter feed, Facebook page, and LinkedIn updates know that I’m also interested in other areas of business law, legal services technology, the changes […] Read More

Postette: Law Factory vs. Bet the Farm Business Models

There’s such a good discussion bouncing around a few law blogs that I couldn’t resist a quick post on a non-contracts topic. Toby Brown, one of the “geeks” at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, and Ron Friedmann, the writer of the Strategic Legal Technology blog, started the discussion Tuesday with this post, which appears […] Read More