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From the Interwebs: Privacy, Law Firm Woes, Veil Piercing

Here are some recent pieces from the web that I found interesting. Perhaps you will too. How to read an online privacy policy. Does anyone really read privacy policies or website terms? Of course not. Who has the time? Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but as I noted in The E-Contracting Paradox: No […] Read More

Missouri Federal Contract Cases 2012 (Part 01): Indemnification for One’s Own Negligence

XTRA Lease LLC v. Pacer International, Inc. Pacer Transport, an affiliate of Pacer International, Inc., the defendant in this case, leased a flatbed semi-trailer from XTRA Lease LLC. The trailer was involved in a serious accident when a wheel came off the trailer and struck a car, killing the driver of the car and seriously […] Read More

Eighth Circuit Contracts Cases 2011 (Part 5)

Monarch Fire Protection Dist. v. Freedom Consulting & Auditing Services, Inc. According to the Eighth Circuit’s opinion in this case, under Missouri law a party to a breach of contract action can recover attorneys’ fees for enforcing its rights under the contract via an indemnification clause only if the clause expressly allows for it. But […] Read More