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Why You Should Review Key Contracts Before You Sell Your Business

A company’s key contracts represent a valuable business asset. Thus, it’s crucial that the contracts remain in force as a business changes hands from the seller to the buyer when the business is sold. Asset sales and equity sales Although deal lawyers generally describe their practice as involving “mergers and acquisitions,” the sale of a […] Read More

Revisiting an Experiment in Crowd-Sourcing Contract Language

In a fun little experiment recently, I set up a question on Quora, “What’s the best anti-assignment provision in a contract ever?”, and invited people to submit clauses for the crowd to vote on. Of course, asking what’s the best provision ever is a bit of a trick question, because the answer depends on the […] Read More

Email Held Not Sufficient to Transfer Copyright

I’ve written on occasion about the effectiveness of electronic communications to create binding contracts. For example, in Contracts Quiz: Is This Email Settlement Binding? I discuss a recent case in which a court found that an exchange of emails created a binding settlement agreement, and “NO LIMIT” + “Awesome!” = Contract Modification considers a pithy […] Read More