Postette: Renvoi

Ever wonder why governing law provisions in contract boilerplate include a variation of the parenthetical “without giving effect to such state’s conflicts of law principles”? The answer is renvoi, which could result in the application of the laws of a state other than that chosen by the parties if the chosen state’s conflicts of law […] Read More

The Reading List: The Koncise Drafter

The Reading List—a regular feature of theContractsGuy—highlights blogs that are interesting enough that I check in regularly. Ken Adams, the author of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, began publishing The Koncise Drafter in December 2010. The blog is the successor to Adams’s widely-followed AdamsDrafting blog (“same pointy-headed contract stuff, different URL”). Adams moved […] Read More

Welcome to theContractsGuy

Welcome to the inaugural post of theContractsGuy blog. Here is a little background about the person behind the blog and a broad-strokes description of what I have planned for future posts. One regular feature of the blog will be “the Reading List,” a spot highlighting a legal blog of interest. Be sure to subscribe to […] Read More

Coming in January 2011

theContractsGuy is in pre-launch mode. The first post is expected in January 2011 […] Read More

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