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Simple Asset Purchase Agreement

I uploaded a simple asset purchase agreement to Docracy and thought I'd share it here. I drafted it with very small businesses in mind. It's structured as a bill of sale and assumption agreement to make it easy for do-it-yourselfers to use (in many cases there'll be no need for a separate bill of sale, […] Read More

Sample Contract for the Sale of Goods Revisited

Last week I posted a sample contract and asked for feedback. I've made a few changes, most of which are in response to reader comments. You can see the changes in this redline, and here's a quick recap: 1. Simplified price clause. Section 1 provided that "the Buyer shall pay any manufacturer’s tax, retailer’s occupation […] Read More

Sample Contract for the Sale of Goods

I've downloaded a couple of precedent contracts over the past few months from the crowd-sourced contract application Docracy for use in my legal practice. When I needed a simple contract for the sale of goods today, I checked in to see what was available. Finding no such agreement, I decided to finally make a contribution. […] Read More

Liquidated Damages Clause Example

People often come to the blog looking for a sample liquidated damages clause. Although I have a nice little piece explaining liquidated damages provisions and cautioning people to avoid including penalty provisions in their contracts, I haven't provided sample language. Liquidated damages clauses should be tailored to the specific situation -- this is particularly important […] Read More

An Experiment in Crowd-Sourcing Contract Language

Earlier this year I wrote Can the Crowd Produce a Decent Contract? in response to some back and forth between Ken Adams and Bill Carleton about the topic on their blogs. In the comments to my post, Ken expressed skepticism, but another comment, by Max Mednik, suggests that crowd-sourcing can “up-vote” contracts with the best […] Read More