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More People Have Read These Personal iPhone ToS Than the Real ToS

Good Morning America recently ran a story about a mother who gave her son an iPhone -- along with her own terms of service. Failure to follow them would "result in termination" of his iPhone ownership. Actually, "ownership" isn't to be taken too literally, as the arrangement is more of a license: "It is my […] Read More

Top 10 Hors d’oeuvres for Contracts Aficionados

It's that time of year ... time for bloggers to put together a list of their top posts as the new year approaches. Well, I'm happy to get ahead of the curve and serve as the antipasto -- the hors d'oeuvre, the aperitif, the opening act -- for the more substantial bloggers among us who'll […] Read More

100 Posts

Well, it took almost two years, but you're reading my 100th Contracts Guy post. I started the blog as a personal project to keep the saw sharp and demonstrate expertise after leaving the safety and brand name of a corporate firm to build a transactional practice at a boutique litigation firm. It's been far more […] Read More

A Couple Tips for Young Lawyers

Ken Adams posted recent email correspondence with a young in-house lawyer who wrote asking for practice tips. Fresh out of law school and assigned to a one-man legal office in a foreign country, he’s about as isolated and self-sufficient as the Curiosity on Mars. Several seasoned commercial attorneys who are regular contributors to the discussions […] Read More

Welcome ContractsProf Blog Readers

Prof. Meredith Miller very kindly posted an interview piece on the ContractsProf Blog this evening featuring yours truly. To those of you who found my little piece of the Interwebs via her post, welcome. Everyone wants to tidy things up a bit when they’re expecting company — trouble is, I’ve been pretty busy and I […] Read More

Weekend Improvements to theContractsGuy Blog

Thanks to a bout of insomnia and a shot of motivation I was able to tackle a few improvements to the blog recently. Here’s a quick summary. Out with the native Squarespace comment system and in with Disqus! I made the switch for back-end management convenience, to reduce issues readers had when posting comments, and […] Read More

Welcome to theContractsGuy

Welcome to the inaugural post of theContractsGuy blog. Here is a little background about the person behind the blog and a broad-strokes description of what I have planned for future posts. One regular feature of the blog will be "the Reading List," a spot highlighting a legal blog of interest. Be sure to subscribe to […] Read More

Coming in January 2011

theContractsGuy is in pre-launch mode. The first post is expected in January 2011 […] Read More

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