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Drafting Clearer Contracts 2017

Yesterday, I finally had the opportunity to attend Ken Adams’s Drafting Clearer Contracts seminar, when he brought his world tour to St. Louis. I’ve known Ken from the blogosphere and Twitter for several years, but we’d not met until this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and came away inspired and motivated to continue to […] Read More

Save Yourself From Yourself With a Simple Email Checklist

The end-of-year deal-closing season has just come to a close. So I’ve been sending a lot of emails that I don’t want to screw up. We’ve all felt it, that feeling of dread deep in your gut just after you hit “send.” Did I send that sensitive document to the wrong party? Did I attach the […] Read More

Blog Hop — Why I Write

One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing things I find interesting with others. That’s also why I like Twitter so much. So when my friend and fellow blogger Bill Ellis asked me to participate in a blog hop, I jumped at the chance. Bill’s a branding expert and he writes a blog about […] Read More

Making Friends Through Blogging

Later this week I’ll be serving on a panel hosted by The Net Impact, the web development company that built my Blue Maven Law website. I’ll be the only civilian (i.e., amateur) on the panel, and my role will be to discuss the good and bad of blogging as a professional services provider. (Here’s a […] Read More

Dear Dropbox, I’ll Take the Arbitration

Dropbox revised its terms of service recently and sent an email to its users notifying them of the changes. I haven’t read through the entire ToS yet. But Bill Carleton’s post on his Counselor @ Law blog yesterday prompted me to take a look at the arbitration clause. I’m sharing my comment to his post […] Read More

Angel Investing Basics

Are you thinking about investing in a startup company for the first time? If so, such topics as preferred stock, convertible notes, and dilution might sound like startup hocus pocus, but you’ll want to know what they’re all about. In this post, I provide an introduction to several concepts that you should understand before entrusting your […] Read More

Did You Miss My Best Stuff in 2013?

Well, it’s the first day of the year, and I’m excited to see what 2014 has in store. I’m looking forward to more blogging about contracts and the business of law here, as well as working on Blue Maven Law, LLC, my new project that I’m launching today. One of the best decisions I’ve made […] Read More

Why You Should Review Key Contracts Before You Sell Your Business

A company’s key contracts represent a valuable business asset. Thus, it’s crucial that the contracts remain in force as a business changes hands from the seller to the buyer when the business is sold. Asset sales and equity sales Although deal lawyers generally describe their practice as involving “mergers and acquisitions,” the sale of a […] Read More

Sweet, Short EULA

I just downloaded Edraw Mind Map freeware and was surprised to see that the end user license agreement was so short. Without commenting on the quality of the document (other than to applaud the use of the Oxford comma), I’ll say that I’m grateful that my morning wasn’t wasted slogging through a EULA of Apple-like […] Read More

Business Due Diligence Tips

In my recent piece about properly signing contracts, I gave a plug for a video called “How to Research a Company on the Interwebs” on Katie Lane’s Work Made for Hire blog. The video takes you step-by-step through basic due diligence, including searching the Secretary of State’s records. Yesterday, Paula Brillson, a New York lawyer […] Read More

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