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Do You Hire a Lawyer for Advice or Just Information?

I attended a presentation to a room full of business owners the other day. The presenters were professionals who operate in trusted advisor roles. The topic was improving the value of your business by making yourself less indispensable. An interesting part of the event was a discussion during the Q&A following the presentation. Someone mentioned […] Read More

Are Lawyers Like Gardeners Who Mow with Scissors?

Law firm business models are under a lot of pressure. And this has been true for quite some time. When I was a young lawyer at a regional corporate firm, I would go to the office early in the morning, leave in the evening, and bill almost every minute in between. And clients would pay […] Read More

What’s the Role of a Commercial Attorney?

As a private attorney who’s responsible for bringing in new business, I often think about why businesses need to hire an attorney to help with their contracts. Here are some thoughts about how I view my role in business transactions. Not all law practices are alike, but I usually operate in one of two contexts: […] Read More

Why I Started My Own Law Firm

I announced Wednesday that I’m launching Blue Maven Law, LLC, a boutique law firm that will focus exclusively on small business mergers and acquisitions, while remaining with Evans & Dixon, L.L.C. This post explains why I decided to start my own firm and what I hope to accomplish. It’s no secret that the legal services […] Read More

Put Down Your Mouse, And Read “Growth Is Dead”

If you’re interested in the business of law, your life is incomplete unless you’ve read Bruce MacEwen’s “Growth Is Dead Series” on the Adam Smith, Esq. blog. Here’s a link to the first post, Growth Is Dead: Part 1-Setting the Stage, in which MacEwen discusses the performance of the legal services industry from the beginning […] Read More

“Is a Startup Ecosystem Without Lawyers a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?”

In our recent discussion on his blog about the appropriate cost of legal documents for startups (which he argues is zero), Bill Carleton posed an interesting question about the role of lawyers in the early lives of startups. Bill reasons in his post that startups are in a somewhat unique situation — at least compared […] Read More


One of my favorite memes from the interwebs is “You’re doing it wrong.” To quote the Urban Dictionary, it’s “what you would say to someone who is failing it miserably,” for example, a soccer player standing on his head (no hands!), a pickup driving down a boat ramp into the water head first, President Bush […] Read More

Do Law Firms Invest in Talent Management?

Lauren Stiller Rikleen published an interesting piece on last month, Law Firms Need to Take Care of Their Talent. Here’s the money quote: A business dependent on the intellect of its workforce ought to invest heavily in talent management and leadership development. This includes understanding employee needs and putting in place policies and operating […] Read More

Can the Crowd Produce a Decent Contract?

Bill Carleton wrote a piece last week about law firm Gunderson Dettmer making form agreements available on Docracy’s website. In case you haven’t heard of Docracy, here’s how the web company describes itself: Docracy is a social repository of legal documents. Our mission is to make useful legal documents freely available to the public. We […] Read More

The Billable Hour Is Bad For Your Soul

The billable hour is bad for your law business. It’s also bad for your career, it’s bad for your clients, and, yes, it’s bad for your soul. The billable hour is the basic economic unit of most corporate law firms From the traditional law firm perspective, billable hours are what they sell. Sure firms advertise […] Read More

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