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From the Interwebs: Creative Commons TOS, No Love for the Facebook, Geeky Grammar Humor

Just Click No. I’ve written a decent amount about the adhesive nature of website terms of service and how it’s unseemly for contract law to pretend that people read and agree to them. Well, not everyone has to grin and bear it. If you have as much clout as the government, you might be able […] Read More

From the Interwebs: NFL Contracts, Lawyers Ordering Pizza, and Oil

Here are a few recent articles from the Interwebs I found interesting. You might want to take a peek, also. Ecuador Oil Contamination. Venkat Balasubramani tweeted a link to Reversal of Fortune, a detailed story in the New Yorker about a lawsuit against Texaco for environmental damage in Ecuador. The case dragged on for a […] Read More

From the Interwebs: Plain Language, China Law, Tattoos

Here are a few of the pieces from the social web I enjoyed reading recently. I shamelessly stole the idea from Bradley B. Clark, who writes the Texas Law Blog. I don't know who he lifted the idea from.... There's always something interesting going on at Ken Adams's The Koncise Drafter for folks who are […] Read More

theContractsGuy Goes Off-Message and Off-Blog

theContractsGuy is a new blog and I’m still finding my voice. So far I’ve pretty much kept to the topic of contracts and the process of contracting. But those who follow my Twitter feed, Facebook page, and LinkedIn updates know that I’m also interested in other areas of business law, legal services technology, the changes […] Read More

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