Viewing: June 2016

Whelan Security Co. v. Kennebrew Update: Noncompetes in Missouri

In this 2013 post, I blogged about Whelan Security Co. v Kennebrew, an important Missouri case involving an employee noncompetition agreement. In that case, the Missouri Supreme Court enforced a general noncompetition agreement and modified a non-solicitation agreement against out-of-state former employees. Specifically, the Court held that a general restriction on competition within a 50-mile […] Read More

Signing a Personal Guarantee Can Be Surprisingly Costly

When you own a small business, signing personal guarantees often seems like a necessary evil. Unless your company has strong credit, landlords, lenders, and others will often require you to personally guarantee your company’s obligations to them. One of the most harrowing experiences I had when I set up my own law firm was signing […] Read More

Signing Quotations

I’ve advised people for years not to sign the other side’s purchase orders, acceptances, quotations, and other ordering documents unless the documents have been fully negotiated. That’s because it puts you at a huge disadvantage in the battle of the forms. I’ve also advised people┬áto negotiate terms that are essential–even if they don’t sign a […] Read More