Viewing: November 2013

Recovering Attorneys’ Fees

A recent Missouri court case has prompted me to revisit attorneys’ fees provisions in contracts I draft and negotiate. The case, Midland Property Partners, LLC v. Watkins, doesn’t break any new ground, but it reminded me how important the language can be. Even before reading Midland Property, I’d had attorneys’ fees provisions on my mind. […] Read More

Five Tips for Keeping Track of Contract Versions

It’s important not to lose control when you’re negotiating a contract. I’m not talking about losing your cool, but staying on top of contract versions. Here’s an example from my professional youth: I was negotiating a contract for a large company during my first or second year of practice. There was a lot of back […] Read More

Simple Asset Purchase Agreement

I uploaded a simple asset purchase agreement to Docracy and thought I’d share it here. I drafted it with very small businesses in mind. It’s structured as a bill of sale and assumption agreement to make it easy for do-it-yourselfers to use (in many cases there’ll be no need for a separate bill of sale, […] Read More