Viewing: August 2012

Contracts Quiz: Is This Email Settlement Binding?

Here’s a contracts quiz for you. Two parties, Southwest and Winterer, are attempting to work out an agreement about ownership of a couple of adjacent parcels of property and Southwest files a petition for partition. After mediation and other discussions, the attorney for Winterer sends the following email to the mediator: Here is Winterer’s offer: […] Read More

From the Interwebs: Axiom, Developing the Talent, and Being True to You

Is Axiom a game-changer? I thoroughly enjoyed reading the recent piece on Adam Smith, Esq. about an interview with Mark Harris, Axiom’s CEO and founder. The law firm places its lawyers on temporary assignment inside corporate law offices. With a focus on working better and smarter, it’s grown rapidly in recent years. Here’s an excerpt […] Read More

Do Law Firms Invest in Talent Management?

Lauren Stiller Rikleen published an interesting piece on last month, Law Firms Need to Take Care of Their Talent. Here’s the money quote: A business dependent on the intellect of its workforce ought to invest heavily in talent management and leadership development. This includes understanding employee needs and putting in place policies and operating […] Read More

A Couple Tips for Young Lawyers

Ken Adams posted recent email correspondence with a young in-house lawyer who wrote asking for practice tips. Fresh out of law school and assigned to a one-man legal office in a foreign country, he’s about as isolated and self-sufficient as the Curiosity on Mars. Several seasoned commercial attorneys who are regular contributors to the discussions […] Read More

Missouri State Contract Cases 2012 (Part 06): Anti-Stacking, Insurable Interest

Holmes v. Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners Former police officer Danny Holmes sued the Kansas City police department under the Missouri Human Rights Act and on breach of contract and whistleblower claims for the termination of his employment by the police department. The Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District reversed the trial court’s judgment […] Read More

Welcome ContractsProf Blog Readers

Prof. Meredith Miller very kindly posted an interview piece on the ContractsProf Blog this evening featuring yours truly. To those of you who found my little piece of the Interwebs via her post, welcome. Everyone wants to tidy things up a bit when they’re expecting company — trouble is, I’ve been pretty busy and I […] Read More