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Missouri State Contract Cases 2012 (Part 05): Roundup

River Oaks Home Association v. Lounce The Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District reversed the trial court’s ruling that Zeria Lounce was individually liable for home association assessments where she had transferred her home’s title to her revocable living trust. Although Lounce didn’t inform the association of the transfer of her property to the trust, […] Read More

From the Interwebs: Privacy, Law Firm Woes, Veil Piercing

Here are some recent pieces from the web that I found interesting. Perhaps you will too. How to read an online privacy policy. Does anyone really read privacy policies or website terms? Of course not. Who has the time? Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but as I noted in The E-Contracting Paradox: No […] Read More

Missouri State Contract Cases 2012 (Part 04): Admission of Business Records

St. Francis Medical Center v. Reeves St. Francis Medical Center sued Edward and Jennifer Reeves to collect unpaid medical bills incurred in the birth of the Reeves’s son alleging breach of express contract and action on account. The trial court entered a judgment in favor of the Reeves and St. Francis appealed. The Missouri Court […] Read More

Missouri State Contract Cases 2012 (Part 03): Merger and the Law of the Case

C-H Building Associates, LLC v. Duffey C-H Building Associates entered into a contract to purchase real estate from Joe and Mary Jane Duffey. At the time of the sale Liberty Homes, a third of which was owned by Joe Duffey, was renting the property. The sale contract contained the following clause relating to the lease: […] Read More

From the Interwebs: Arbitration, Checklists, Easy Reading

If you are still applying to law school, you might be an idiot. The title of this Above the Law article made me laugh out loud. Law schools have been taking a beating in the press lately as people are questioning the value of a law degree in today’s business world. The Above the Law […] Read More