February 2015

Post image for Are Lawyers Like Gardeners Who Mow with Scissors?

Law firm business models are under a lot of pressure. And this has been true for quite some time. When I was a young lawyer at a regional corporate firm, I would go to the office early in the morning, leave in the evening, and bill almost every minute in between. And clients would pay for all that time. But it’s increasingly difficult to get clients to oblige.

Companies have long complained about the ever-increasing hourly rates charged for legal work. And during the recession in the late 2000’s, they began to push back on rates in a big way. They also started pulling more of their work in-house. Companies were able to do more of their own legal work because there was simply less to do during the recession. Plus their in-house lawyers were willing to work extra hard in light of market turmoil and job insecurity. Then, when business began to pick up and┬ácorporate legal departments once again needed help with overflow, they simply hired new lawyers rather than sending the work to their outside firms.

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