June 2014

Post image for Blog Hop — Why I Write

One of my favorite things about blogging is sharing things I find interesting with others. That’s also why I like Twitter so much. So when my friend and fellow blogger Bill Ellis asked me to participate in a blog hop, I jumped at the chance.

Bill’s a branding expert and he writes a blog about what he calls fearless brands, such as Tiffany’s,┬áthe Naked Cowboy, the Beatles, and the St. Louis Cardinals. After a successful marketing career at a certain brewery that’s long been known in St. Louis at “the Brewery,” Bill put out his own shingle to help young businesses discover and articulate who they are as well as their key value to the market. Bill’s the first person I called when I decided to launch what has become Blue Maven Law. Here’s a link to Bill’s blog hop post. At the end of this post, I’ll introduce you to some bloggers I admire and whose blogs I read regularly.

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